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Saint Anthony Organic Community Garden Policies

The Saint Anthony is located in the rear of the building, adjacent to the back parking lot.

Annually, the Gardening Committee will post a notice about meetings which are open to anyone who desires to be involved.  The work of the Gardening Committee includes:

  • A late winter or early spring meeting to plan the buying of plants
  • Scheduling a date and back-up date of planting
  • Posting a “Watering Schedule” where members of the community sign-up to water the garden of a week or more during the summer.
  • Once the growing season is over, the committee pulls the plants and cleans up the garden area.

Although everyone in the Saint Anthony Community is free to pick vegetables and herbs, we hope that members will also contribute to the upkeep and watering during the summer.


Saint Anthony Condominiums is posting a list of resources and vendors we recommend but do NOT guarantee.  They are posted as a service in case community members are looking for companies or individuals to help with specific projects. Recycling sites and regulations are also listed as a service. Electronics, paint, remodeling scraps and other hazardous items should not be put into the community dumpster or recycling bin. Green recycling options for such things as furniture and mattresses can be found in the Hennepin County Green Guide below.

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